You don’t have to look far these days to find people benefitting from CBD products like tincturescapsules, and creams that offer everything from pain and anxiety relief to anti-aging effects.  Now that the use of medical marijuana products has been legalized in dozens of states across the U.S., several more allow CBD products (if not THC) for medicinal purposes, and a handful have even legalized recreational use of cannabis products, even your buttoned-down grandmother can use CBD oil and edibles to treat her glaucoma or back pain.

As you might expect, there are also plenty of celebrities making use of CBD oil products as an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals.  What might surprise you is the many different reasons why celebrities turn to CBD, as well as how many of them go on to advocate for cannabis legalization, for both medical and recreational purposes.

Some celebs, like Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogan, have built careers around their love of marijuana, while others would be the last you might assume would use cannabis products, much less make their usage public and advocate for legalization.  You’ll quickly learn that celebrities are just normal people with the same problems you and I suffer from, and just like us, they’re looking for high-end CBD oil products to ease what ails them.  Here are a few famous enthusiasts.

  1. Seth Rogan.  No surprise here.  This Pineapple Expressactor is not only a well-known fan of marijuana, but also an outspoken advocate for cannabis products in relation to treating and even preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.  He went so far as to testify before congress during a hearing focused on Alzheimer’s research.
  1. Morgan Freeman.  Most people don’t know this famous actor suffers from fibromyalgia, which he developed after a serious car accident in 2008.  To cope with the intense pain of this chronic disease, he turned to pure, natural CBD and THC products.
  1. Montel Williams.  This talk show host has made no secret about the fact that he suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, which he was diagnosed with in 1999.  The disease, which causes the immune system to attack the protective myelin layer surrounding nerve cells, can be incredibly painful and debilitating.  Like many with this diagnosis, Williams suffered from depression in the aftermath.  Luckily, he discovered CBD consumables and was able to relieve both pain and depression symptoms, return to his professional pursuits, and spread education about the benefits of cannabis products.
  1. Melissa Etheridge.  This songstress famously started using CBD products for relief from cancer symptoms after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and underwent surgery and chemotherapy.  Since then, she has battled gastrointestinal issues, for which she reportedly turns to CBD and other cannabis products for relief.  Etheridge is a strong advocate of cannabis legalization.
  1. Snoop Dogg.  Another shoe-in for the list, the d-oh-double-g has rapped about smoking indo while sipping on gin and juice, taking a chronic break, and heyyyeyyy…smoking weed every day.  If you thought he was just giving the ganj lip service, you were sadly mistaken.  He did it before it was legal, even going so far as to credit marijuana for helping him to escape the hate-filled gang lifestyle.  He has supported legalizing pot for years and now enjoys marijuana and CBD products legally (at least in his home state of California).
  1. Michael J. Fox.  If he could go back to the future now, this actor might have started using CBD and other cannabis products earlier.  Since he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Fox has used cannabis to counteract the symptoms, including tremors.  Although studies have not conclusively proven a connection between cannabis and managing Parkinson’s disease, Fox and other patients continue to use it as part of their ongoing treatment regimen.
  1. Whoopi Goldberg.  The actress, comedienne, and co-host of The Viewis a long-time advocate of CBD for women’s health, mental health, and a variety of other uses.  Vape pens seem to be her preferred method of consumption, and she claims to vape as a means of controlling glaucoma, menstrual cramps, and stress, as well as for pain relief.
  1. Olivia Wilde.  After a stint on Broadway in the play 1984, this Houseactress admitted that she used topical CBD products to deal with the neck pain and soreness that set in after performances.  Her fashion stylist, Karen Welch, is said to rub CBD-infused products on clients’ feet after walking red carpets in heels.  With products like high-end Roll On Gel for topical pain relief, the average person could essentially get the same star treatment.
  1. Alessandra Ambrosio.  The Victoria’s Secret model and summer music fest fashion plate likes to stick to a healthy routine that includes eight solid hours of sleep each night, but the stresses of her job can keep her awake.  While many a model has turned to pills or illicit drugs to deal with the ups and downs of the job, Ambrosio reportedly uses CBD oil for mild, natural sleep relief, as well as anxiety relief. 
  1. Peter Lewis.  You don’t see too many billionaires calling for marijuana legalization, especially CEOs of insurance companies.  Although Lewis passed away in 2013, the one-time Progressive Insurance Company CEO earned his place on this list after spending years and millions of dollars advocating for the legalization of medical marijuana, including donating $3 million to the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) in 2007, giving over $150,000 to California’s Prop 19 (the Regulate, Control & Tax Cannabis Act) in 2010, and contributing over $2 million to Washington Initiative 502 (on marijuana reform).

After suffering leg amputation at the age of 64, Lewis suffered intense pain, which he ultimately managed with marijuana.  He explained his position in an article published in Forbes in 2011, in which he stated, “My mission is to reduce the penalties for growing, using, and selling marijuana.”  He would probably be heartened by how the movement has progressed since his passing, and he likely played a major role in the ultimate legalization of cannabis products for medical and recreational purposes.

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