The push to legalize marijuana has been decades in the making, but recent years have seen incredible advances in legalization, with 33 states currently allowing for the use of medical marijuana, several others letting citizens use CBD products (which lack the psychoactive effects associated with THC), and a handful even legalizing cannabis for recreational use.

Whether you’re utilizing luxury CBD products for fun and relaxation or you’re interested in pure, pharmaceutical grade products to treat medical conditions and improve your overall health and wellness, you’ve probably discovered that there are many ways to add CBD to your everyday regimen or to use it intermittently, as needed.

What you’re sure to find, if you sample a variety of products, is that they suit different purposes.  Topical CBD products are great for skin irritation, acne, and minor aches and pain, just for example, while CBD consumables like tinctures and capsules can be used to treat a wide array of other concerns.

What about vape pens?  Do they deliver the same benefits as other CBD oil products?  How can you use them effectively?  If you’re new to vaping or using CBD (or both), here are a few things newbies should know about this form of CBD consumption.

What is a Vape Pen?

You’re likely familiar with the concept of vaping, whether you’re a smoker or not.  This alternative to cigarettes allows for safer, tastier, and generally more appealing consumption of tobacco products.

Vape pens lack the tar, smoke, and other health hazards most commonly associated with cigarettes, allowing consumers to get the nicotine they crave in a vaporized water solution that often includes appealing flavors.  Many smokers use vape liquids as a means of weaning themselves off nicotine altogether, as the dosage is much easier to adjust and taper.

Luckily, vape pens can also be used for CBD consumption.  It’s important to understand that there are differences between e-cigarettes and vape pens.  Some are not suitable for vaping heavier CBD oils, so it’s important to purchase pens specifically designed for use with CBD products.  The simplest option is to purchase high-end, disposable pens that deliver a suitable dosage of CBD product for your convenience.

Safe and Beneficial Dosage

While extensive testing has shown that it is virtually impossible to overdose on CBD, as you simply don’t enjoy additional benefits after a certain point, you don’t necessarily need to learn by trial and error when you’re wasting CBD oil.  A study conducted by a research team in Australia concluded that optimal dosage for a CBD vape pen is 200mg of product, as this is the maximum amount that can be vaporized efficiently.  As a result, many vape pens are already loaded with 200mg of CBD oil mixture and ready for use.


Not all CBD oil products are flavored, but many vape users prefer the taste of products that have some flavoring added.  You’ll want to start by looking for a formula that pairs pure, organic CBD oil with a quality base like triple distilled MCT (or fractionated coconut oil).

Many CBD vape products on the market today use petroleum glycerin (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) as the carrier oil, but MCT is preferable from a health perspective.  You’ll also enjoy natural flavoring like vanilla that delivers your CBD vapor with a pleasant taste.  Always check to make sure you’re purchasing products that are THC-free if you have any concerns about accidentally getting the wrong cannabinoid.

Benefits of Vaping

You know that CBD oil products can offer everything from pain to anxiety relief.  You can even find sprays designed to help you enjoy better sleep.  What benefits can you gain specifically from using a vape pen?  The main benefit is that you’ll see faster relief when you vape, as opposed to using topical or orally ingested products.

This is ideal for those suffering from intense pain symptoms or chronic conditions like migraines.  When you need pain relief fast, there’s no better way to get it than by turning to CBD vape pens.  Even if you take regular doses of tinctures, vaping can deliver more immediate results as needed.

There are other benefits, as well.  You might think there’s little difference between smoking marijuana and vaping, but they are almost nothing alike.  With vape pens, you can single out the cannabinoid you want, CBD, from the dozens of other cannabinoids found in marijuana, including psychoactive THC.  In addition, you’ll avoid the harmful smoke that poses a health hazard to you and others.  Plus, there’s no potentially dangerous flame involved – CBD vape pens require no combustion for use.

Whether you’re looking for CBD consumables, topical remedies, or vape pens, you’ll find the high-end, pharmaceutical grade products you prefer at Medori.